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a fireman birthday

Posted by on April 21, 2012

Birthdays are so important in our culture.  This is something that, over the course of our life together, Dave and I have both embraced and dismissed.  Two years ago when Samuel turned four, we threw his first “friend party”.  Those of you who have followed us for a while will remember the pictures of the African fire engine pulling up in front of our house in Niger.  Months ago we said that when Nata turned four he would have his first big bash as well.

Nathaniel celebrating his special day at school this morning.

We just weren’t feeling it this year.

Life is so busy.  We just didn’t want to add to that.  We discussed  and debated around and around.  Finally on Monday after hearing Nata talk about the party he was going to have on his birthday, we decided we better go ahead and just plan a simple back yard celebration.  We are so blessed to have an AMAZING yard here at the “missions house”.

And so, the party was on.

Last night as I made the cake, Nathaniel began to sweetly endorse his celebration and the work going into it.  “Mama,” he said with a hug, “you are doing such a good job with that cake.  I love your work!”  Oh just that made it all worth it.

Today as we gathered to celebrate this boy in all his loud, kind, lovable personality, I was so THANKFUL that we took a moment to stop with his friends and CELEBRATE our Nathaniel David.  What an amazing boy he is.  So full of life and courage and emotion.

I am so thankful to be here in this moment with so many that we love so much.  Our future is certain to be full of days when we look back and treasure these moments of celebration in the cool spring surrounded by green grass and a host of friendship.

What an honor to be the parents to this four year old fire man.  Happy Birthday Nathaniel!  We love you so much.

2 Responses to a fireman birthday

  1. Cousin Ann

    What a lucky little boy and beautiful family. Life IS about the little stuff! So glad you enjoyed the party!

  2. Jessica

    You make me cry Hopey Jo. I pray I’m as good and s loving a Moma as you one day. The cake turned out beautifully & you can’t even tell there were little fingers taken to the windshield:)

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