a new sling

Two weekends ago when Dave was out of town, I stayed up very late making a new sling for Nata.  He is too big now for the pea-in-the-pod (it’s green) ring sling that I wore with him when he was a baby and, although I’ve tried to tie him on my back like an African Mama when we go for walks, he gets hot.  Walking with a frustrated boy kicking and screaming his way out off my back did not make for a fun walk.

the new sling


I just can’t resist small sewing projects with the pania (african cloth), and I’m so pleased with how this new Mei-Tei sling came out.  I’m thinking that a few of my friends with new babies might need one as a gift from Niger. I’ve hit a lull in my quilt making.  It’s been at least 2 weeks since I’ve touched it, but this project was quick and easy.  I’m sure when it cools off, I’ll have more of a desire to work on my big project.


at church two weeks ago


making Nathaniel’s birthday cake


Last week I went back to our old Thursday play group.  Sam and I used to go every week, but since taking French classes in the morning, we’ve gotten out of the habit.  We had so much fun last week playing at Nicole’s house.  This morning, I wanted to go back, but Dave took the car.  So, with a determined look on my face, we all got ready, I put Nathaniel in the sling, and we took a taxi.  I think this was my first taxi ride solo with the kids (without Amina).  It took 5 tries to get a taxi that was willng to take us to Kora Kano.  And it took much longer to get there than it would have in the car, but it was a fun adventure that I think we all enjoyed.  Nata did great in the sling until we arrived at home.  At that point he decided it was time to get out, and who could blame him.  We walked home from the main road in the 102 degree sunshine.


arriving at the house today after our taxi ride home.  Nata was ready to get down!

3 thoughts on “a new sling

  1. Did you use a pattern? That is such a great idea! I love carrying the babies on my back africa-style too, but I’m always afraid they’ll fall.

  2. Wow, I’m so impressed. That looks amazing, and the African fabric is of course unreal. Sometimes I wish I had brought back yards and yards of that gorgeous stuff.
    I’ve seen this awesome front-sling you can make from a strip of fabric, similar to wearing the baby on the back, only it’s on the front. I’d like to use that starting out for the baby.
    Way to go figuring out a more air-efficient way to carry your growing boy!

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