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Author Archives: Hope

home is where the heart is

Greetings from Grafton, Massachusetts. We are here, in Dave’s home town, enjoying some time with family. We planned this visit to celebrate with Dave’s parents who have been married 50 years this summer. It has been a time full of the joyful chaos that ensues when large families gather. We’ve had scavenger hunts, family photos, … Continue reading »

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I have been inspired lately by the ladies at  This has led to some true adventures in the kitchen.  This week we’ve made bean, beef and cheese burritos (twice), calzones (twice), spring rolls, and baked ziti.  If you’re like me, you make the same ten recipes over and over until everyone is tired of … Continue reading »

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under the bench we find our riches

I climbed the stairs to Nata’s class, thankful that I arrived before the bell.  I always want to get those kids and get out of there as soon as possible.  As I reached the classroom door three kids tumbled out, “Nata est faché!” That sinking feeling covered over me.  Nata has been angry at school … Continue reading »

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the three sisters

Just outside of Niamey there are three rather large mesas that we call The Three Sisters.  For years, we’ve been driving by them. They are on the way to the village where we hope to soon be working, and so lately we’ve been thinking about these sisters more. Dave has always wanted to climb them … Continue reading »

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seven reflections and other thoughts

I haven’t made any New Years resolutions in years.  I did write about resolve a few years back.  This year the new year arrived and I hardly blinked.  Then my friend Jess handed me a book.  She passed it off like a relay baton. She said, “I finished this on the car ride to church so … Continue reading »

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