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Posted by on May 15, 2007

Well, we’re blessed. We are blessed because the General (if you don’t know who I mean, read our last post) has taken it on as his personal responsibility to find us a house. And we’re blessed because the LINK has provided us with a car. And we’re blessed because Brent and Shelley are our personal guides to life in Niger. And we’re blessed because their cook, Halima, makes our food and their guard, Amaie, hangs and irons our laundry. And we’re blessed because Stephani keeps giving us little hints about the culture. The blessings are piling up around here.

The General took us to a wonderful house today. The landlord ended up asking for too much money and Dave and I were a little disappointed to leave with little hope of ever returning. (rent is often negotiable here, so we are praying that the landlord will accept our offer which is 25% less than his asking price). We love the atrium and the gardens and the room on the outside that our cook, Amina, could live in. BUT our other option is a house literally three houses down from the Teague’s. We don’t like it as much because the layout isn’t as ideal and it has a pool. This might make you pause. Why wouldn’t we want to have a pool in the hottest capital city in the world? The two answers to that question are evaporation (meaning our money evaporating right out of our yard) and cultural prevarication (meaning it won’t be appropriate for any one gender to be seen- even by our staff-by someone of the opposite gender. This will necessitate many recitations of the rules over and over to many American teams. It will also cause us to have to be SO VERY CAREFUL with Sam. We also think it seems a little showy to be missionaries with a pool in one of the poorest countries in the world. But we’ll see what happens. Things seem to change here moment by moment.

Dave has been driving all around the city today. I think it’s really been fun for him. I will feel more comfortable when we’re both better with our French. Getting lost or pulled over by the police could be a little tricky without a way to communicate. We are so thankful for our Toyota Prado. (I like to call it the Prada). Contrary to Azie’s insinuation in the LINK update, all I have done behind the wheel is back Brent’s field truck in and out of the driveway to switch the cars around. I am perfectly content with that for now.

Steph told me today that it is a sign of respect here for children to call their elders Tanti and Tanto (aunt and uncle). So, Sam will learn to speak all the pastors, church members, etc. in African terms.

Amina, who we are pretty sure we will hire to help me out around the house, has been hanging out at the Teague’s’ every day. (She knows we are interested in hiring her). She has started taking Sam from me and playing with him. They love each other. She’s been meowing at him (the Teagues have cats). He thinks she’s hilarious. And so we’ve made it through another day. Please pray for Sam’s sleeping schedule. He’s been fussy. Love you guys.

2 Responses to blessings

  1. Nicole

    So glad to hear you’re doing well & getting settled. And I personally am so excited to hear that you are showing kids The GodMan! Love to you all.

  2. Dad

    In everything pray that glory might be brought to His name.

    Love to all and good night- Dad

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