catching up

So much going on. Our days have been full of visitors, ministry, people coming and going, and so much to do.

Amber’s Sweet 16 Birthday Bash @ Chez Jo.  Friday, October 1, 2010.

The business of it all has been weighing on me a bit.  In this space (our blog), I try to stay positive and report to you the joys of our African life.  But, honestly, there are hard days too.  These last few weeks have worn on us, Rachel and I especially.  We’ve had quite a few technology problems and power outages lately.  That’s one reason why I haven’t been posting.  I’ve also had a few bumps along the road, in my attitude, in my heart, in relationships.  All of this has caused lots of thinking, lots of praying, and not much posting.

This post has been saved and waiting for 6 days.  Since then we’ve been having issues with our imac.  The plan was to update with lots of photos, but I’ve decided these will have to do.

As September became October, we were hosting the LINK medical team.  What awesome ministry they did.  Many are dear friends to us and the local people here in Niger.  Here are just three of my favorite photos.

Dave leading a girl into the clinic to be seen by doctors.

Sam and Pastor Terah at Park W with the team.

An awesome morning canoe trip.

Rachel’s first camel ride.

I have carved out quite a bit of crafting time in my contemplative state.  Many of those projects have gone unphotographed.  It feels good to keep some of that for me.  Some will probably be shared here when things are working a little better.

Thank you for your prayers and your friendship.

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