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catching up

Posted by on March 15, 2006

In order to fully explain where we are now, it’s going to take a series of posts.  Mostly because I don’t have the patience to sit down and write everything all at once.  I’ll start with a general overview, but first, it’s Hope’s 27th birthday today.  Happy Birthday!

Hope is 30 weeks pregnant with our first child.  She is due to deliver towards the end of May.  It’s a boy and his name will be Samuel Toby.  We actually get to see him next Tuesday when we have a 4D ultra sound.  Yeah we’re pretty psyched about that.  Hope has had a great pregnancy with only a few bouts of morning sickness in the first couple months.

Let’s see.  I guess the other really big life altering news is that we are in the process of moving to Niger, Africa.  We hope to move towards the end of the year after Samuel has had his 6 month immunizations.

I first went to Niger on a construction trip in January of 2005.  I had only been there a day and people started asking me when I was going to be moving there.  I didn’t hear them asking other people, just me.  It was slightly bizarre, but hey, I played along and told them, when God calls me, I’ll come.  It was an awesome trip and I absolutely fell in love with the Nigeriens.

Then in July, Hope went to Niger and stayed with some of the missionaries for 5 weeks.  When she got home we started talking seriously about moving there.

I had the opportunity to go back for one week in September.  When I was there, the missionary asked me to come to Niger and make a two year commitment.  I knew it was what we were supposed to do, so I said yes.

When I got off the plane, Hope met me at the airport and told me she was pregnant.  That pretty much directed the timing in which we are able to go.  So we started making plans around when our child would be born.

I also was fortunate to go on another two week trip this past January.  This just reaffirmed my love for the people there and my desire to serve the missionaries any way that we can.

This is pretty much just an overview of what has been going on over the past couple of years.  We also bought our first house and have continued going on our state vacations alphabetically.  More posts and pictures will come soon.

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