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crapaud chapeaux!

Posted by on November 24, 2010

toad hats! (pronounced crap-o shap-o)

Today was our first day back at the AD Banifondou school to do art class with the kids there.  We started with the little kids in the CI class.  Each week we will do a different project working our way through the elementary school from youngest to eldest.

All of the children were happy to see us.  The older ones hung around the windows of the class we were in trying to sneak a glimpse of the fun we were having.  We plan to do different animal hats with each class.  Expect more amazing updates on our fun as the weeks fly by.

Also please pray for the teacher of this sweet class.  She is a Christian and a mother.  Her name is Maimouna.  She has 75 children in her class, most of them Muslim.  Her ministry is truly amazing.  When I told her that I would post her picture and ask you to pray for her, she flashed a huge smile and said, “THANK YOU VERY MUCH!”  She is pictured here in the green print dress with doves on it.

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