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field day

Posted by on November 19, 2010

Today was field day for Sahel Academy.  Fun was had by all the students and staff.  As I post these pictures, I am struck by what a funny life we lead.  Caught somewhere between America and Niger.  That’s the way this week has gone.  The difference is glaring.

These are the team cheers.  Amber was on the green team.  She did much of the painting of the poster.  She is hiding in the back.

Those who are listening, point to Mr. Riggs.

Rachel enabling me to work the broad jump station.  Thanks Rach.  Love the shades.


four girls I admire… Julie, Ash, Elie, Cindy

some of my favorite boys… Tom, Garrett, Louis, Ethan, Johnny.

A great day.

2 Responses to field day

  1. Gma

    Reminds me of those Houston field days long ago! xoxo

  2. Becky

    what a great fun day! can’t escape my first thought, “omg! how hot was THAT day?”

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