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Posted by on May 21, 2010


sam’s bday breakfast2




Now that I am the mother of a four year old, I must tell you that it is so fun to celebrate the birthday of a child that really understands about growing a year older.  Someone who can count, and reason.  I am so thankful for my Sam.  He is compassionate, joyful, thoughtful, and loving.  He is an amazing big brother and a blessing of a son.  He loves well and is loved by many.  Including me.

5 Responses to four

  1. Debbie

    and me:) happy 4th birthday sam the fireman.

  2. Jude

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY SAM! Sending love from Texas xo Jude

  3. Mom

    He is an amazing person, and you are an amazing mom. love love love you.

  4. Mom

    I keep looking at the four pictures of Sam, one for each year. I love seeing how he’s grown and changed. love you.

  5. Dad

    I hope it doesn’t get old always saying this, but every time I stop by (this site) I’m transported into another land! Hope, you truly have been blessed with a gift of narration and communication. I felt for a few minutes like I was with you guys; in the room and in the street with these kids- and my grandkids. Thank you. (I can’t believe how big Caleb is- I can remember being in the living room like it was just yesterday…)
    Love to All- Your Dad

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