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home is where the heart is

Posted by on July 9, 2014

Greetings from Grafton, Massachusetts. We are here, in Dave’s home town, enjoying some time with family. We planned this visit to celebrate with Dave’s parents who have been married 50 years this summer.

It has been a time full of the joyful chaos that ensues when large families gather.


We’ve had scavenger hunts, family photos, lots of food, and slumber parties full of cousins who don’t want to sleep.


This has sparked some difficult conversations, as it always does, about why we choose to live where we do and what we are accomplishing through our lives and our ministry. It has challenged us to think about the American dream and how we fail to measure up to that kind of success. Here, in the middle of a supportive family, we have asked ourselves if we are crazy for trying to accomplish a seemingly impossible goal. We have struggled with spending money on going out to eat and visits to Legoland and new toys and new clothes and all of this luxury because of the poverty and the life of simplicity that have surrounded us in our “other life.”


When I look back at this past year, I see the mark of God’s faithfulness all over the story of us. We’ve grown in our language skills and in key relationships, we have found a piece of land where we can get started, we have submitted paper work to the ministry of women and children, and we await the good news that approval has been granted. We have increased our involvement with a local church in Niamey that wants to minister to women and orphans. We have even fostered our own sweet babe and watched in joy as he grew to be a thriving infant.

And yet the enemy waits like a hungry predator to rob us of the joy that comes from Christ. He wants us to believe that we are not prepared, not able, and not doing the right thing. He wants to confuse and discourage, and destroy.

Would you join us this week in a prayer that God would speak truth deep into our hearts?  

We know that God can overcome the battle that rages in our hearts and minds. We know that He is stronger than reverse culture shock and depression. We know that He wants us to leave American feeling refreshed and not stressed. We know that His plans for us are good and that He wants us to effectively minister and accomplish good things for His Kingdom. We want the clarity and peace that comes only through His spirit.

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