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Posted by on June 23, 2008

Well folks, we’ve arrived.  We took a detour to Casablanca, but after 33 hours of travel, we made it to West Africa.  The first night he slept in his own room, Sam turned to me and said, “Home, Mama.”

Things here have been hot, hot, hot.  The temps have been in the low 100s at night and 120s during the day.  We’ve lost electricity every night for the last four nights, but somehow we’re still able to smile and laugh as we sleep outside under our mosquito nets.

We’ve been helping out in the evenings with puppets at the kids crusades, and enjoyed Bible School graduation on Sunday.

This morning I woke up to the sound of kids in the house and was delighted to find 5 Nigerien kids (Amina’s cousins and their friends) tearing up the living room with Sam.  When I brought Nathaniel out, they sat around his chair and sang to him in French.  Then Sam and I taught them to sing “Wheels on the Bus”.

We are really enjoying having Brookley (a friend of ours from church) here for 6 weeks to visit and help out.  She’s fitting into the family like she’s known us her whole life.

If you’ve been trying to call or email keep trying.  Communication has been slow.  We’re doing really well and will try to update as possible.  If you’re in America, please know we love you and miss you!  The Johansson Clan

7 Responses to home

  1. Debbie Bennett

    Hey Johanssons plus Brookley Gail! Glad to know you all made it to Niger safely. Love the pics. Do you have Brookley working in the coal mines there? We miss you guys already. Give the boys a big kiss and keep big hugs for yourselves. Love you all!

  2. Kay Heath

    I’m so glad you’re home safe and happy. One little problem though–where are pictures of the BOYS?
    Grandma Kay

  3. Marla

    SO glad you all made it home safe and sound! I so enjoyed meeting you at MOPS and getting to love on Sam in the nursery. You all will be in my prayers!

  4. jude

    so sweet… “Home, Mama.” xoxo jude

  5. Brookley

    actually it’s 7 weeks – yes, mom’s counting 🙂

  6. Grammy J

    No pictures of Sam and Nathaniel?
    That’s OK…Dave is cute too.
    yes, we know you’re there for ministry
    and we do enjoy seeing those pix also)

  7. dan

    Uhh, huuh, huuh, I have a Petzl around my head too…

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