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how does your garden grow

Posted by on September 7, 2007

This is a picture of Sam and Moumouni (our guard) watering the plants. Sam is very content to help Moumouni with his work. Moumouni has a very kind countenance, and greets us every evening with a smile as he arrives at work. He is sure to say hello to each member of the family.

watering the plants

Speaking of members of our family, there will be a new addition to the Johansson clan. I’m pregnant. The baby is due during the middle of April. Please pray for us regarding this. I have been extremely sick the past two weeks. We are also going to need to make decisions regarding travel. Our plan is to come home for the birth. The cost and timing of all of this makes it a little difficult. We want to have Godly wisdom. There are many women here with other organizations that have delivered here or gone through most of their pregnancy here. They have been pretty pleased with their experiences and have all the information I need about where to go and who to see.

Sam continues to grow cuter and cuter. Dave shaved all of Sam’s hair off the other day. He looks so cute. I still have to pinch myself sometimes because I can’t believe he is mine. His little temper continues to get worse. He really wants his way and is starting to throw fits if he doesn’t get what he wants.

Dave and Sam have been spending a lot of time together since I’ve been sick. Dave has been a pretty good wife. Yesterday I wanted a b-l-t, and he did his best to get me one. We don’t have bacon here, so he had to go buy ham and cut it into slices and fried it up. It wasn’t quite the same, but it came close. I even managed to keep it down. Now that he has prepared some meals in the hot kitchen, we miraculously found an exhaust fan today. Hopefully in the next few days we can get an electrician to come and install it. Dave also worked pretty hard on some brownies the other night, but was very disappointed when he left the oven at 325 degrees and came back to find it at 500. The temperature setting is broken. It’s either on (with flames) or off.

The Ligons have let us borrow their old washing machine because our new one is still lost somewhere on a container between here and Europe. We finally got it all working today and actually did a load of laundry. Of course, the power went out in the middle, but wasn’t a problem. It smells so good, and I think tomorrow will be laundry day. I have to spread the loads out to allow time for them to dry on the line. Only one load will fit out there.

So, that’s our story. We love you guys. Until next time….

12 Responses to how does your garden grow

  1. Brandon & Faith

    Congratulations!! We’re so excited for you.

  2. fling family

    Yeah!!! We are so excited for you and look forward to seeing you in April. We love you so much and continue to pray for your family.

  3. sommer

    “Dave has been a pretty good wife”
    – best thing i have read all day-

    im so glad i finally know about this site. i love you guys and feel so encouraged reading what i have so far.
    kind of excites something in me.
    cant wait til i have the time to start from the beginning and catch up on y’alls lives.
    and lord have mercy, sam is a cutie!

  4. Kirsten

    Congratulations !!!

  5. Mitch

    Congratulations….Thats crazy news, we are so excited for you. Just don’t let Mike talk you into to naming your kid LINK!!!


  6. Holly S.

    Congratulations Hope, Dave, and Sam! I can’t imagine having to go through pregnancy in Africa. Teaching full time during pregnancy was hard enough. I’m so glad we ran into each other at Target the night before you left. I’ve enjoyed checking in on you and all your work.

  7. Beth S.

    CONGRATS you guys! That is awesome news! I’m guessing there won’t be a 3-D ultrasound machine over there like there was for Sam… Miss you!

  8. Lynn

    Yeah!!!!!!!!! I can’t wait till you guys come for the new baby and I can go see you guys in the hospital(again) LOVE YA and miss you guys!!!! Tell Sam we said hello.

  9. Jude

    What an adventure you are on! Matt and I love and miss you guys and can’t wait to see you and the new babe!

  10. Vanessa

    How exciting about the new addition! Congratulations! I love reading your posts and staying up on the details of your lives and ministry.

  11. niki

    o my goodness congratulations….i haven’t been on here in so sorry…yay another baby!!!!!!that is sooo fun…..and quite an adventure!!!! i hope you all are well…we love and miss you guys!!!!!!

  12. Brookley

    Hope and Dave I miss you guys so so so much. Congrats on the new baby, that’s so fun! I love you guys!

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