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Posted by on July 4, 2010

Happy Independence Day.  We’ve been celebrating in style all day long.

This year, our Embassy threw a cook-out.  This is our fourth (can you believe it!?!)  Fourth of July to be here, and the first time there has been an Embassy hosted event for the whole family.  In past years, we have declined the invite to a formal diplomatic event.  We so enjoyed the pool, hot dogs, and all-American feel today and were very thankful for the change.

With a beautiful view of the Niger River, we were keenly aware of where we were.

Major holidays like this one, Christmas, and Thanksgiving feel very strange here.  Everyone else is just going about their business, having a normal day.  Which makes an American think constantly, throughout the day, about home and the celebrations going on there.

The fact that millions of people in our home culture are with friends and family eating hot dogs and hamburgers, watching fire works, and celebrating who we are didn’t feel sad this year.

I thought of home with joy in my heart, thankful to be here.  Enjoying the holiday from a different perspective.  I think it took the last three years to get to that place.  This 2 hour Embassy pot-luck definitely helped to add a festive feel to the day.  I am so glad to be an American.  I’ve learned I take that with me wherever I go.

4 Responses to independence

  1. Ann McClain

    I’m so glad you had a fun day. Talon and I are at Grandma Nita’s and we’ve done nothing to celebrate. I don’t plan for it to be that way next year. Caleb looks so healthy and happy! What a great mom and dad he has. Good for you all. Love you!

  2. Sue Heath

    Thanks for the new pictures Hope! The boys look so great. I always enjoy reading your perspectives on the things we take for granted here in the U.S. We had great fireworks put on by the city but I missed that Heather wasn’t here to enjoy them with us. I can’t believe her car died while she is in VA but we’ll figure it out! At least we are all safe and well and happy. Much love to you and your boys (even the big one!).

  3. Gma

    Thanks for sharing the pics, Hopie! I love your thoughts on being an American. I’m so proud of you. The boys are all looking like they’ve grown since you left the US. Love the pic of Nata and the shish kabob. That Caleb has developed thunder thighs! Good work on the breast feeding. He’s so happy and alert. Give Dave, Sam, Nata, and Caleb a hug and kiss for me, and give one to yourself, too. xoxoxoxo

  4. Jude

    oh my goodness, the boys are looking so big already. Love you guys and I continue to miss your smiling faces. Muah!

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