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just going about my day

Posted by on September 21, 2012

Being back in Niger has reminded me of all the beautiful, funny, and sometimes just-plain-strange things you can see when driving around the streets of Niamey .  I think after you’ve been here a while, some of the sights that are strange in the beginning become more common place and “normal”.  I’m enjoying looking at Niger again with fresh lenses that I had lost when we were here before.  And so I have been trying to remember my camera as we run errands.  I want to start a new reoccurring feature with snapshots of the things I see.

These guys are walking a giant ram down the middle of a busy street. This is where I sit and wait for Sam’s school to let out. Didn’t have my camera the day a huge heard of cattle came through.

translation: God sees you. A helpful reminder when navigating Niamey and the crazy taxi drivers.

One Response to just going about my day

  1. Kim

    Only in Africa…awesome.
    I think the one site in Niamey that caught me by surprise was when we drove up behind someone on a camel and I was thinking, “that’s a really tall horse…”

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