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let’s go for a walk

Posted by on August 22, 2008

Get your shoes on. Sammy wants to go for a walk. Mama, brother, Krystal and Amina are coming too! Where are your shorts, Sam? You can’t go out in just your diaper.

Ready, set, let’s go!

Oh look, there’s the shop keeper’s kitty! Sam loves the “meow”.

Sam look at the camel! (not pictured, but we really did see one).

Here is the shop keeper’s son. Sam wants a sip of his milk.

Thank you, Monsieur, for the yummy yogurt/ milk drink. What’s in this stuff? Mama always reads the label.

Krystal likes it too!

Sammy can’t resist the fresh made millet cakes. He asks for them every time. All the vendors on the road love Sam and know his name because he loves their food.

Sammy wants to sit a while and take in everything on the street. We sit while Sam eats his millet cakes. And we see a Donkey! Hee Haw! (not pictured)

Thanks for coming with us on our walk, and thanks to Krystal, our photographer.

8 Responses to let’s go for a walk

  1. Charlotte Wojtaszek

    Great pictures!!!!!

  2. jude

    I LOVE THIS POSTING! It’s so great to see the day – to – day activities and how they are so different from my desk job.

  3. Jennifer Kirsch Sarver

    I love it!
    So… will Sam be getting a kitty of his own anytime soon?

  4. Hope

    Unfortunately for Sam, our dog Mulligan likes to bark at and chase cats. I think he’s going to have to stick with the shop keeper’s cat and the Teague’s cat, Bianca.

  5. Chris & Steph

    Wow – that is so fun! Sam is building bridges between y’all and the people in your country in a way that just wouldn’t be the same if it involved just adults. Way to go parents!
    Love you guys.

  6. Amy Fling

    Oh my goodness!!! A children’s literature book straight from Niger. How cute!!!! Hope, let’s see if we can get that published! 🙂 Love you guys!

  7. Kay Heath

    Thanks for the walk! I enjoyed it.
    Hugs and kisses,

  8. Mike

    We just went on the walk with you and you are one goodlookin’ family with one awesome photographer!!

    Mike & Sharon and Mitch & Debbie

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