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pret Tabaski

Posted by on October 26, 2012

Are you ready for Tabaski?  Around here, the preparations surround us.  Today is the big day.  “What is Tabaski?” you ask.  I posted about it two years ago.  My friend Marcy posted about it this year.

Rams, skewers, feed, and fire wood have been seen on the street for days.

A few nights ago we were stuck in a traffic jam around one of the local ram markets.  I joked to Dave that it felt like a Christmas Tree stand the weekend after Thanksgiving.

We will enjoy a three day weekend and lunch with friends today.  Our preparations (we don’t celebrate the holiday) include stocking up on groceries because the stores will be closed for a few days.

Dave went to the market yesterday late afternoon, just before everything closed up.  The feeling in the market before Tabaski reminds me of storm preparations in Virginia grocery stores- which Online Pokies is fitting.  I hear the East Coast is about to get a Frankenstorm.  Somehow Dave ended up coming home with several kilos of sugar, flour, and quite a few limes (150 kilos to be exact).  I have been trying to upload the picture, but the internet is s.l.o.w. here today.

We have been talking a lot today and yesterday with the boys about where our food comes from.  This morning as we left the house, we saw many rams just slaughtered in the street.  Although the boys were sad, I think it is very good for us to have a connection with our food… to be more aware of that a lot of work and life goes into what we eat.

And now I must go start juicing.  I wonder how long it takes to juice 150 kilos of limes?  I guess we’ll know soon.  Bon fête.


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