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Posted by on March 25, 2011

I have hesitated to share with you about the Niger-to-America adoptions that we’ve been working on this past year.  I have mentioned, once or twice, a few details about the joys and heart breaks that we have shared together.  Truly, these stories are not our own, and I have not wanted to tell you other people’s stories.  Some times the emotion has been a bit too complicated to verbalize.

This week, we have welcomed Rachid into our tribe.   All of us have found so much pleasure in having him here.  He has such a quiet, timid way.

God willing, in mid May he will become part of the Billotti family and live in a suburb of Atlanta.  We think that he will be with us now until he boards that plane.

Please pray for Rachid.  In our brief experience so far, we have learned that these last few steps can be very difficult for the child.  Saying goodbye to friends and a homeland, and jumping into the wide world of the unknown can be such a scary thing.  We hope that these next few weeks at our house can provide Rachid with a ramp that will help him adapt to his Online Casino Georgia life.

In the mean time the cute stories abound….

Like last night when we had read books, given kisses, and done all the normal things we do.  Nata turned out the light.  Dave was in the kitchen juicing something.  I was busy at the kitchen table working on a project of my own. And then I heard Nata.  Was he crying or screaming? …. or maybe laughing?   So I went to investigate.

When I opened the bedroom door I saw Rachid pass by in a flash followed by Mulligan, tail wagging and bursts of laughter from Sam, Nathaniel, and Rachid.  When I saw Rachid’s smile, I had to focus on my “Mommy-you’re-in-trouble” face.  They were playing.  They were disobeying.  They were having a blast.  And I was so glad.  I feel like it was a breakthrough moment.  We have all relaxed enough to create a little mischief when we should be sleeping.  So, I told them to all get back in their beds.  Explained they were disobeying.  Give S and N two swats each.  And smiled and hugged and told all three I loved them and they better not get out of bed again.  🙂  What a great moment.  I love my life.

5 Responses to Rachid

  1. Jess

    My heart breaks with happiness at the little snippet of whats going on in your life. I really like how you described that moment with the boys. Thank you for living the way you do. Praying for you guys.

  2. Sue Heath

    To help a child in need is a great gift Hope. Bless you and your family for all you do. I hope all goes well with Rachid!

  3. mrsJuda

    come on Jesus, help us be your hands and feet…

  4. Gma

    I really enjoyed getting to know Rachid at Christmas. There’s a quiet dignity about him that transcends being a child. I’ll be praying for his transition and hope to be able to see him in Atlanta!

  5. Steph

    What a beautiful, mischievous moment! I can totally see how that’s a huge breakthrough. So fun.

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