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saturday. bath day.

Posted by on February 20, 2010

I’m sorry to admit to the whole wide world that although Caleb has been home from the hospital for more than a week, this is his first bath at home.  This moment has been one that we have treasured with each of our sons.  The addition of little helpers only made it more special.



the helpers


not happy


all clean


4 Responses to saturday. bath day.

  1. Jennifer Kirsch Sarver

    Oh I am so happy we are not the only ones that waited so long to give our baby a bath! Joshua got his first bath at home a little on the later side too. 🙂

  2. Gma

    These pictures are too precious. I hope Nata didn’t scrub him with that sponge. He looks pretty serious. Thanks so much for capturing this on film for all of us to share. xxoo Gma

  3. Jude

    I am loving all these pictues. The boys are so sweet together. Huge hugs and kisses from Matt and me – we miss you guys!

  4. Marla

    oh my gosh! The crying picture is PRICELESS!! Your boys are adorable!!

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