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simple gifts

Posted by on November 26, 2008

Hi friends and family!  Happy Turkey Day!

We hope that you are all as excited and content in your thoughts of feasting as we are.  Of course we are missing our families this week, especially, but we are also truly filled with anticipation for our celebration tomorrow.  We are preparing our meal in three kitchens (Chez Teauge, Chez Rivas, and Chez Johansson) and will be feasting together at dinner.

Fête is the french word for feast.  It’s a word that Nigeriens are very familiar with in their own culture.  They use it to describe the “feast of lambs” also called Tabaski and other similar holidays celebrated in accordance with their religous calendar.  I had fun in the market today explaining that tomorrow we will have an American Fête.

Our lives have been quite busy lately.  We’ve been traveling to villages to feed hungry children.  We’ve been participating in several three day kid’s clubs in different neighborhoods around town.  Krystal, Daniel, and I have been studying French 5 days a week.  Things have been going in many different directions.

A few days ago I felt the need to slow down and get quiet.  When I did, that still small voice in my head spoke loud and clear.

Proverbs 14:30 says, “A heart at peace gives life to the body, but envy rots the bones.”

Here is my prayer:  Instead of going and doing all the time, help me to find contentment in the small, simple parts of my life. Help me to find creative ways to work and play…. to stay inspired…. to be a creative wife who keeps thing fresh and fun…. to find beauty in the small things…. to be more playful in all that I do.  God help me to keep my mind off myself- off making me look good.  I want to bring glory to YOUR name, not my own.

What are your prayers of thankfulness and contentment this week?  Blessings to you in your feasting!

Dave, Hope, Samuel, and Nathaniel

a few of our moments of simple joy from this week….

For those of you who were wondering, yes, that is actual living room furniture in our living room!

One Response to simple gifts

  1. Jennifer Kirsch Sarver

    I have no clue what they are saying in the video 🙂 but I still liked it. Looks like the kids… especially Nathaniel… really enjoyed the event.

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