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snapshots of vacation: Corona Del Mar

Posted by on July 13, 2012

We are back in VA now after an amazing vacation in Orange County, California.  We were the honored guests of our long time friends and Niger ministry partners Dennis and Kathy Wilson.  Papa Dennis and Aunt Kathy (as we call them) have big hearts that nurture us.  We are so thankful for the time we got to just “hang” with them.

Papa Dennis (who in Niger is called Uncle Lollipop) with the boys at Disneyland.

Our last full day in California, we went with Jessica and Deigo (Wilson grandkids) to Corona Del Mar [Spanish for Crown Of The Sea].


This beach looked like something out of a movie.  If you know which movie, I would love to know.


We arrived early so that we could enjoy the tide pools full of crabs and anenomies.

As the morning wore into afternoon, the tide came in from every side and trapped us on our little beach.  It was gorgeous, and fun was had by all.

What an awesome way to recharge our batteries, enjoying friends and God’s creation.

Deigo and Sam- buddies.

2 Responses to snapshots of vacation: Corona Del Mar

  1. Kay Heath


  2. richelle

    Sam’s getting so tall!!!!! Great photos, especially that last one. 🙂 Miss you and can’t wait to have y’all back here.

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