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“… he will command his angels concerning you to guard you in all your ways…”

I love this verse from the 91st Psalm.  When I was a little girl, my parents would pray for my sister and me every night, and the prayer would go something like, “Keep all bad dreams and all bad and evil far, far away.  Put your angels around her to guard her and guide her.”  … Continue reading »

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simple gifts

Hi friends and family!  Happy Turkey Day! We hope that you are all as excited and content in your thoughts of feasting as we are.  Of course we are missing our families this week, especially, but we are also truly filled with anticipation for our celebration tomorrow.  We are preparing our meal in three kitchens … Continue reading »

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welcome to our world

We had a team arrive tonight.  We all ate dinner at the Teagues.  When we got back home Dave found Amina sitting on her porch.  She told him the contractions had started. I quickly tried to get Sam in bed and went out to see her.  They were coming strong.  Her labor started around 7, … Continue reading »

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busy around the house

This last week has been one of preparation around Chez Johansson.  Thursday afternoon we picked up 16 Americans from the airport.  They are here to see what’s happening here in Niger.  We will take them to villages, schools, small businesses, giraffes, hippos, and many other things in hopes that they will gain an understanding of … Continue reading »

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let’s go for a walk

Get your shoes on. Sammy wants to go for a walk. Mama, brother, Krystal and Amina are coming too! Where are your shorts, Sam? You can’t go out in just your diaper. Ready, set, let’s go! Oh look, there’s the shop keeper’s kitty! Sam loves the “meow”. Sam look at the camel! (not pictured, but … Continue reading »

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