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watching our dream come to life

In May of 2012 we celebrated the birth of a new organization called Restoration Village.  This birth was the fruition of many, many hours spent talking, praying, and dreaming about our calling and what we felt God wanted our hands and feet to be busy doing in Niger. Restoration Village is an organization created to … Continue reading »

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thoughts on orphans and poverty

We are moving along in the process of making our BIG DREAM into reality. Much of the thoughts and conversations that Dave and I have late at night or in the car center around orphan care. We had dinner with some new friends last weekend and were able to talk (for four delightful hours as … Continue reading »

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Water. Something I have always enjoyed.  As a kid, on the outskirts of Houston, my sister and I did swim team every year.  Our grandparents owned a pool and lived not that far away.  We spent a week at the beach every summer.  My first job was “deep water lifeguard” at Splash Town. It was … Continue reading »

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Today is Tuesday, and this Tuesday that meant we were back at the Banifondu School doing art with the kids.   We are ending the fifth month of school here in Niger and our Art at Banifondu has (finally) made it to every class.  It’s been a while since we’ve been here.  Teams and holidays … Continue reading »

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I have hesitated to share with you about the Niger-to-America adoptions that we’ve been working on this past year.  I have mentioned, once or twice, a few details about the joys and heart breaks that we have shared together.  Truly, these stories are not our own, and I have not wanted to tell you other … Continue reading »

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