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rock-star missionary

I want to take some time over the next few weeks to highlight some of the awesome things going on here in Niger.  It is so easy, when you are working hard on a job or project, to focus only on what you are doing.  The truth is there are heaps and loads of amazing … Continue reading »

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Today is my thirty-second birthday. They’re coming a bit quicker these days. I had an idea. It’s something I would like for all of you to get me as a gift. The idea is that Niger, this land that I love, needs way more than me. Go to and check it out. Live ten24 … Continue reading »

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bird hats

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crapaud chapeaux!

toad hats! (pronounced crap-o shap-o) Today was our first day back at the AD Banifondou school to do art class with the kids there.  We started with the little kids in the CI class.  Each week we will do a different project working our way through the elementary school from youngest to eldest. All of … Continue reading »

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catching up

So much going on. Our days have been full of visitors, ministry, people coming and going, and so much to do. Amber’s Sweet 16 Birthday Bash @ Chez Jo.  Friday, October 1, 2010. The business of it all has been weighing on me a bit.  In this space (our blog), I try to stay positive … Continue reading »

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