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a fireman birthday

Birthdays are so important in our culture.  This is something that, over the course of our life together, Dave and I have both embraced and dismissed.  Two years ago when Samuel turned four, we threw his first “friend party”.  Those of you who have followed us for a while will remember the pictures of the … Continue reading »

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april twenty. three years in a row.

I woke up this morning thinking about cake. This is the first year that my Nata has been in “school”. That means this is the first year there has been an additional cup cake requirement on his birthday (on top of our family cake eating needs). I was SO GOOD yesterday when I made a … Continue reading »

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I have hesitated to share with you about the Niger-to-America adoptions that we’ve been working on this past year.  I have mentioned, once or twice, a few details about the joys and heart breaks that we have shared together.  Truly, these stories are not our own, and I have not wanted to tell you other … Continue reading »

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preparing to go

We’re preparing for a 40+ degree change in temps around here. Some how in between the suitcase packing, cleaning, and organizing, I’ve found some time for lots of crocheting and other crafting.  It’s helping me keep some calm in my days. While the boys begin to discover fun things about Western culture.  Nathaniel doesn’t remember … Continue reading »

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favorite birthday pics

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