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brotherly love

so Sam got to meet his new little brother today.  He was so excited about it.  He kept saying, “my baby, my baby.”  Apparently we aren’t going to have to worry about Sam sharing.  He already has tried to give Nathaniel his grilled cheese sandwich and raisins.  He’s going to be an awesome big brother.

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nathaniel david

Nathaniel David was born this afternoon at 3:04 and weighs 8 lb 10 oz. Mom and baby are doing great. Thanks for all of your prayers. We are at St. Mary’s if any one wants to come and visit.

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no news

I had an appointment this morning with my doctor.  It’s disappointing that the sleepless nights I’ve been having- waking up with cramps, promising myself this is the beginning of labor- have not caused even a little bit of dilation.  So, today the doctor and I formed the plan for induction.  A week from today I … Continue reading »

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waiting…….and waiting…….

so Hopie went to the doctor yesterday.  She said there is no progress as of yet.  She is due next Wednesday the 16th.  The doc said they wouldn’t induce until she was at least 1 week past her due date.  Hope is pretty uncomfortable at this point, so we are hoping the baby will come … Continue reading »

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Today was ultra sound day, and OH BOY were we surprised.  That’s right, Greta is a boy!  He’s looking really good.  The due date remains the middle of April.  I met with my OB, and was really pleased with everything she had to say.  Dave and I are in shock that our little girl is … Continue reading »

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