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Tagged With: Nigerien culture

pret Tabaski

Are you ready for Tabaski?  Around here, the preparations surround us.  Today is the big day.  “What is Tabaski?” you ask.  I posted about it two years ago.  My friend Marcy posted about it this year. Rams, skewers, feed, and fire wood have been seen on the street for days. A few nights ago we … Continue reading »

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just going about my day

Being back in Niger has reminded me of all the beautiful, funny, and sometimes just-plain-strange things you can see when driving around the streets of Niamey .  I think after you’ve been here a while, some of the sights that are strange in the beginning become more common place and “normal”.  I’m enjoying looking at … Continue reading »

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fari masa

[Zarma for fried dough] I have to let you in on a little secret.  We often feed our children funnel cake for breakfast.  Please don’t hate me.  Some mornings (who am I kidding?…) MANY mornings, it’s just too good and easy to pass up. Every morning here in Niamey, you see women sitting on the … Continue reading »

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the need in Niger

poverty Understanding poverty is a complicated and difficult task.  Every culture has its own idea of who is impoverished or needy.  This is why it is some times helpful to compare cultures.  The comparison helps us create a parameter in which to understand.  The UN has published a worldwide index of countries called the Human Development … Continue reading »

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Water. Something I have always enjoyed.  As a kid, on the outskirts of Houston, my sister and I did swim team every year.  Our grandparents owned a pool and lived not that far away.  We spent a week at the beach every summer.  My first job was “deep water lifeguard” at Splash Town. It was … Continue reading »

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