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Tagged With: Nigerien culture

what I want you to know: the fistula epidemic

This post is written in response to some that I’ve read at my new favorite blog, Rage Against the Minivan. The idea here is that when we share our personal stories, we bring greater compassion and awareness to the unique issues that we individually face. Reading these posts made me think long and hard about … Continue reading »

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rock-star missionary

I want to take some time over the next few weeks to highlight some of the awesome things going on here in Niger.  It is so easy, when you are working hard on a job or project, to focus only on what you are doing.  The truth is there are heaps and loads of amazing … Continue reading »

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this day

This day started with a boy named Nata begging his Mommy for a drink at 5 am. Poor, sick Nata… so dehydrated. This day, I sat with my son as IVs dripped the medicine he needed to kill the malaria parasite that had been winning the battle in his blood. This day, my sweet Nata … Continue reading »

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les garçons seront des garçons

[boys will be boys] These pictures were taken a week ago last Sunday at church where Sam was thrilled that the lesson was on sling shots.  This actually did have Biblical application since his favorite Bible story is David and Goliath.

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let’s go for a walk

Get your shoes on. Sammy wants to go for a walk. Mama, brother, Krystal and Amina are coming too! Where are your shorts, Sam? You can’t go out in just your diaper. Ready, set, let’s go! Oh look, there’s the shop keeper’s kitty! Sam loves the “meow”. Sam look at the camel! (not pictured, but … Continue reading »

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