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watching our dream come to life

In May of 2012 we celebrated the birth of a new organization called Restoration Village.  This birth was the fruition of many, many hours spent talking, praying, and dreaming about our calling and what we felt God wanted our hands and feet to be busy doing in Niger. Restoration Village is an organization created to … Continue reading »

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thoughts on orphans and poverty

We are moving along in the process of making our BIG DREAM into reality. Much of the thoughts and conversations that Dave and I have late at night or in the car center around orphan care. We had dinner with some new friends last weekend and were able to talk (for four delightful hours as … Continue reading »

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the village. I have a flashlight. I want a flood light.

Around the world, organizations that care for orphans and children in distress have discovered a model that works.  They split their large congregation of children into smaller groups reflective of the size of an average family in the local country.  Then they find women in need- widows or those abandoned- and pair them with these … Continue reading »

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the call

Our world is full of needy people.  As Christians we are called to love the hurting, the hungry, and the lonely.  This call is given by God.  It is undeniable and repeated again and again throughout Scripture. Learn to do right; seek justice.  Defend the oppressed. Take up the cause of the fatherless; plead the … Continue reading »

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the need in Niger

poverty Understanding poverty is a complicated and difficult task.  Every culture has its own idea of who is impoverished or needy.  This is why it is some times helpful to compare cultures.  The comparison helps us create a parameter in which to understand.  The UN has published a worldwide index of countries called the Human Development … Continue reading »

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