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Tagged With: parenting

april twenty. three years in a row.

I woke up this morning thinking about cake. This is the first year that my Nata has been in “school”. That means this is the first year there has been an additional cup cake requirement on his birthday (on top of our family cake eating needs). I was SO GOOD yesterday when I made a … Continue reading »

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this day

This day started with a boy named Nata begging his Mommy for a drink at 5 am. Poor, sick Nata… so dehydrated. This day, I sat with my son as IVs dripped the medicine he needed to kill the malaria parasite that had been winning the battle in his blood. This day, my sweet Nata … Continue reading »

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an mk birthday

It’s hard to put into words just how different things were for us last weekend as compared with this weekend.  Just one more thing I love about life on the mission field.  So much variety.  This morning was Sam’s first “friend” birthday party.  Dave and I confessed to each other after the party that we … Continue reading »

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one two three four Now that I am the mother of a four year old, I must tell you that it is so fun to celebrate the birthday of a child that really understands about growing a year older.  Someone who can count, and reason.  I am so thankful for my Sam.  He is compassionate, … Continue reading »

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saturday. bath day.

I’m sorry to admit to the whole wide world that although Caleb has been home from the hospital for more than a week, this is his first bath at home.  This moment has been one that we have treasured with each of our sons.  The addition of little helpers only made it more special. the … Continue reading »

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