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going back

Last Friday I posted this on facebook and said that it accurately described how I felt as a missionary mom and seemed appropriate as we started to pack and say our goodbyes.  Within an hour I received a call from my aunt asking about our plans for departure.  At church on Sunday 5 or 10 … Continue reading »

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thoughts on orphans and poverty

We are moving along in the process of making our BIG DREAM into reality. Much of the thoughts and conversations that Dave and I have late at night or in the car center around orphan care. We had dinner with some new friends last weekend and were able to talk (for four delightful hours as … Continue reading »

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decidedly not complaining, but asking you to pray

This post could also be called finishing strong.  I started writing it on Thursday. I haven’t posted in close to 2 weeks. Usually that means that life has been hard. The good news is that our water has pretty much stayed on. The bad news is our internet and electricity have not. Apparently someone hit … Continue reading »

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our dream

Sometimes it is difficult to share your dreams with the world.  Fear rises up inside and you ask questions like,”What if they think this dream is impossible?”  or  “What if they think I can’t accomplish my dream?” or even worse… “What if this dream never happens and they all know I’ve failed?” Late last May a … Continue reading »

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what I want you to know: the fistula epidemic

This post is written in response to some that I’ve read at my new favorite blog, Rage Against the Minivan. The idea here is that when we share our personal stories, we bring greater compassion and awareness to the unique issues that we individually face. Reading these posts made me think long and hard about … Continue reading »

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