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the three sisters

Posted by on January 26, 2014


Just outside of Niamey there are three rather large mesas that we call The Three Sisters.  For years, we’ve been driving by them. They are on the way to the village where we hope to soon be working, and so lately we’ve been thinking about these sisters more. Dave has always wanted to climb them and this weekend he decided that’s exactly what we would all do.


“With the kids?”  I asked.  I wasn’t so sure.  Our highs here lately have been right about a hundred.  I pictured whiney kids on a hot rocky climb.


Dave’s enthusiasm wasn’t squelched by my disbelief in our ability to have fun.  He organized the whole thing: asked some friends who had done it to go with us, talked to the boys about how much fun we would have, filled the water bottles, took a tub down from above the boys’ closet to find Caleb a pair of closed toed shoes.


I’m so grateful  I married this man of adventure.



It’s so nice to be up on the mesa looking down at this road instead of the other way around!


See the camel way down there?



It was amazing.


Free, fun filled, family work-out in nature.IMG_0862 


The boys had a total blast and asked to go again soon.  “Don’t worry about that!”  I responded.


For sure, we will.


2 Responses to the three sisters

  1. Karen Perez

    So glad you had fun! Today I tried to get my 13 year old to walk around Rice University…he cried half the time. It’s too funny to be sad about. 😁😘

  2. Karen Edwards

    Looks like a great experience..maybe I need to add that to our to do list!

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