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watching our dream come to life

Posted by on July 21, 2012

In May of 2012 we celebrated the birth of a new organization called Restoration Village.  This birth was the fruition of many, many hours spent talking, praying, and dreaming about our calling and what we felt God wanted our hands and feet to be busy doing in Niger.

Restoration Village is an organization created to minister to women and children who are abandoned or in need.  We want to adopt these women and children into new families who are committed to love each other and grow together in community.

It is our desire that this new village will truly resemble a local Nigerien village.  The families will live in huts, eat Nigerien food, and wear Nigerien clothing.  The village will include a large garden that will grow food for personal use and for profit.  Herds of cattle, goats, and sheep as well as chicken and guinea fowl will be raised in the village.  The women will also be educated and encouraged to set up businesses.  It is our desire that the longer the village operates, the more self-sustaining it will become.  Eventually, we hope the village will include a school, clinic, trade school, church, and community outreach center.

We are committed to starting small and do not want to rush into any building projects or take in any children until we know that the foundations have been laid to ensure that Restoration Village will succeed.  Dave and I are considering the next two years the “foundation laying” phase of this new ministry.  In this time we want to develop an advisory committee in Niger to help us make cultural connections that Americans might find difficult.  We will pursue the necessary licenses and approvals needed to take in children and operate a non-profit organization in Niger.  We will begin our (never ending) search for women and start a discipleship and training process with them.  Dave and I will dive into Djerma language learning to help us communicate with women and children who have not had formal education in French.

Our hearts are continually filled with gratitude for the adventure of missionary life.  Relying on God for his daily provision in every area of our lives has stretched and grown us in ways that are difficult to put into words.  Many of you have faithfully supported us with finances, prayer, and friendship over the past five years.  We are in need for you to recommit with this kind of help.  It is our desire to return to Niger before the end of August.  If you would like to make a donation, click here.

We are filled with anticipation for the adventure in front of us.  Thank you for joining us on this journey!

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