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we love brookley

Posted by on July 16, 2008

Here she is getting her hair braided by Amina.  With her departure, one chapter ends and another begins again. Although she’s not leaving for 2 whole weeks, the team arrives tomorrow, so we’re starting to get sad about her time drawing to an end. As I type this, she’s giving both my boys a bath. That’s right, I completely trust her with a two year old and a three month old in there by herself. That’s how good she is. She also made a chocolate cake today all by herself. (That means I also trust her completely with my kitchen aid mixer that Aunt Claudia got me as a wedding present. The very same one that recently traveled back to America with us for repairs caused in part because I let other people get their hands on it). She’s amazing and we love her. Sam calls her LEEEEEE.

Sam is doing well, and I know it has been way too long so I will take time now to give you the full update on his big-two-year-old-ness. He has many new words that correspond with this environment. Koowaide and Icetea, muwigan come, pool, and pool bus to name a few. A pool bus could be the long yellow kind or the African minivan type that our friend Dankarmi drives. You better believe he had a field day when he saw Eye-yie-yie driving a Pool Bus. He talks about that several times a day. We have also started the potty training process. Sam seems way ready for this. Mommy and Sammy sat at the table one day a week or two ago and made a big sign for Sam’s room out of construction paper that says Sam can use the potty! We’ve been putting his “Sam” stickers that Grammy sent on it every time he goes, and it’s really working. Today he went twice. I think I’m about ready to put him on the pot every hour or so. To our great joy Sam has also started singing. This morning while Dave and I were trying to get a few more minutes of shut eye, Sam was standing beside the bed holding the plug end of the cord of our unplugged lamp in his little hand as an impromptu microphone. Singing Mama-Ah, Ya Ya (that’s Dada)- Ah, Woa Woa (that’s mulligan’s nick name)- Ah. We both rolled over and just smiled at each other. How can we sleep through such a beautiful serenade?

Nathaniel is growing too.  He loves his tummy time and smiles and laughs at all of us.  Sam loves to kiss him and tells me every time he sneezes, cries, or does anything else very interesting.  Mulligan and Nathaniel adore eachother except when Mulligan barks at the visitors, that makes Nathaniel cry, but he hardly ever does.  Amina asked Dave today why white babies cry less than African ones.  I smile at that.  He’s just a good baby!

The last several days I have been pretty sick, and I won’t bore you with the details, but I must gush about Brookley again regarding this matter. She has saved me. Between her and Amina, I think I might just hop a plane to the Caribbean. I went to the clinic and got some medicine, and now I’m feeling way better.

Other events that have been fun for us all are….. eating pizza in the basement of La Piller (one of our favorite restaurants), had cokes one day on the terrace of the Grand Hotel looking at the best view on Niger River, Sam found a new kitten friend that lives at the Orphanage (oh yea, and we love seeing the kids there too!)

and while Sam was taking his nap Brookely and I made her a wrap skirt out of Nigerien fabric. The fun times keep rolling.

There has been a ton of work for Dave to do with the team’s arrival tomorrow, and we’re all excited for the change of pace. I’m so sorry about the lack of updates, but it’s been quite difficult without internet at our house. When we’re at the Teague’s house to use the internet, there are so many other things (like r

esponding to an overflowing inbox and checking on accounts) that updating just doesn’t seem to happen. I wrote a lovely update on the fourth of July that never got posted because the power went out. Maybe I’ll go ahead and put that one up as well. While the updates will probably be coming less frequent, I promise to try and make them more info-filled.

We miss our friends and family back home, and we don’t want you guys to feel left out of our lives. We’re happy and for the most part healthy. Keep up the prayers! With love. hj

7 Responses to we love brookley

  1. Papa Brew

    Again … what an adventure.

  2. Jennifer Kirsch Sarver

    Glad you’re back! I love reading your notes… I find them uplifting. Your kids are adorable and I love the family photo too!

  3. Nicole

    Awesome update. It is so good to hear that you are all doing well. We have a lot of missionaries around this week and at least once a day someone asks me how you’re doing or my favorite – was Dave in Springfield last week? I thought I saw him there. Don’t you wish you were? 🙂

  4. The other Laura

    i love reading your stuff, i am heading back today! I’ll try to shoot you an email one of these days, loving you all!

  5. Grammy J

    We obviously enjoyed reading every word and taking in every detail on the pictures. Thanks Hope for the great update Those boys have grown TONS since you left. Hugs all around from Grammy.

  6. jude

    Sam looks like such a big boy in the last pic…and Nathaniel’s face is precious! Great words…miss you a ton already. xo jude

  7. Kimberly (Shepherd) Hassmer

    Oh Hope. I don’t know if you’re going to remember me but I found your page through Jessica Coaker and I wanted to say hello and tell you that I think about you often. I looked for you at the past two VMEA conferences and now realize that you were in Africa doing GOD’s work. I’m so excited for you and your wonderful adventures! Your children are beautiful and you look so happy in all your pictures! As you can tell by the name, I got married, to David Hassmer of all people. I’m sure you probably remember him as the nerdy tenor kid but he’s been an angel that absolutely rescued my from myself and I couldn’t be happier. I would love to write more and send pictures but I know you don’t have much time on this computer. My email address is if you ever have a few quick seconds and want to catch up. I will be praying for your family and can’t wait to hear from you whenever you get a chance. God bless!

    Love, Kim

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