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What Insurance Companies Use Contractor Connection

Posted by on April 13, 2022

Pat Harmon, President and CEO, IMMAC: “Our client insurers and property management companies need the entire package: reduced costs, outstanding customer service, comprehensive documentation and increased efficiency. The emerging business climate suggests that we are entering the era of transparency and trust. Consumers expect transparency or they do not give us their trust and their business. Trust will become the new marketing juice. So what is the main competitive advantage of a claims services network? This is because once the foundations are laid by one of them, the additional costs that another insurance company must add to use its network services are only a small fraction of the cost that the insurance company would incur if it built its own network of restaurateurs. For this reason alone, I assume that regional airlines (i.e. those that still use insurance agents to assign catering companies to their customers) feel drawn to existing networks in the near future. The insurance specifications are specifically designed to terminate the commitments that the network has made to its insurance customers. These obligations are usually passed on to you in the form of a compensation obligation. As part of your contract with the network, you will have to compensate the network and possibly the insurance company, whether or not you have insurance to support you.

There`s really no reason why insurance should be the number one barrier to entering and maintaining a network. Good insurance usually, but not always, costs more than insurance that doesn`t cover what you do for a living. Maybe you don`t mind being the insurance company of a multi-billion dollar company in person if you cause a loss at work without the insurance coverage you need, but network managers certainly do. What seems to be a lot of problems with network insurance is really meant to prevent you from having design flaws in your insurance coverage. Insurance companies are using technology to provide their customers with a better claims experience and avoid being thrown in the trash on the internet for a poorly executed remediation project. The Internet is the great equalizer. Twenty years ago, when Betty Lou was angry at a request, the best thing she could do was report it to the Insurance Commissioner to write a personal complaint in the gossip section of her local newspaper. The same complaint can be found today by a consumer in Boston on Google as soon as it is published. This puts enormous pressure on insurance companies to ensure that everyone is always satisfied with the restoration work they receive after a disaster. The airline cannot afford a disgruntled and noisy customer, as this hinders the sale of insurance policies throughout its commercial area.

Every entrepreneur in our network has gone through our rigorous registration process and is fully licensed, insured and financially stable. Instead of making endless phone calls looking for the perfect contractor, your policyholder is already on their way to a renewed home or business. So what does it take for a catering company to join a network? I attended a four-hour presentation on the marketing of a restaurant company at the Connections Show in Clearwater, Florida, last April. Speakers discussed the generation of leads for restaurant jobs through marketing to insurance agencies in the field of entrepreneur trade. As an insurance agent, I figured everyone doesn`t already know: whether your insurance claim is for damage to your home, outside, or both, Contractor Connection has already verified and verified contractors in your area, so we`re ready to pair you with them as soon as you contact us. Our goal is to make the process as painless and positive as possible. If you have an insurance check, we know you`ve already had your share of problems and headaches. I run an insurance agency. We have hundreds of customers, most of whom are catering companies, and we trade in all 50 states. I am also a technical resource for 22,000 insurance agencies through the Independent Insurance Agents of America in Washington D.C. So I know a lot about the restaurant industry and the insurance industry.

I don`t think it`s a long-term marketing game for your business to call people who lose money when they refer you to restoration work. Technology has definitely changed the game in the acquisition of your restoration work. The four main networks have all had the same basic answer to this question: they are looking for experienced companies that do quality work and have a proven ability to use communication technologies. According to Bill Lang, Director of Contracts and Accreditation, Alacrity, barrier #. 1, which catering companies are facing, by aligning their insurance programs with insurance specifications. For over 20 years, Contractor Connection has provided managed repair services to national and regional insurance companies and is an industry leader. We are a proven solution that reduces cycle times, ensures fair and reasonable estimates, increases customer satisfaction and is easy to implement. Our licensed contractors specialize in emergency response and general contractor remediation for commercial and personal claims. Contractor Managed Repair provides a valuable, customer-centric repair solution, from emergency services to complex repairs, that can be integrated with property damage management to provide your policyholder with a complete claims solution.

Claims representatives review assignments and refer owners interested in hiring an approved network contractor who provides a high-quality service backed by a five-year processing guarantee.** The best contractor insurance companies that are industry leaders in providing customer satisfaction partners with us, and for good reason. Contractor Connection is a powerful tool to support your claims management to enable fair and accurate estimates, high-quality repairs, increased customer satisfaction and policyholder retention. To benefit from it, you must contact Contractor Connection today. **The five-year processing warranty applies only in the United States The solution for insurance companies is to remove the insurance agent from claims processes and enter into master service contracts with franchised organizations or claims service networks. Of the two, networks are growing by far the fastest. Join a network of entrepreneurs representing the highest quality and performance standards in the industry in 5 countries. Our goal is to use our 25 years of experience to help you build your insurance restoration and home renovation business. David J. Dybdahl, CPCU, ARM, MBA is the President of the ARMR. Network, LLC, a specialty insurance brokerage company that works together through independent insurance agents to provide business insurance packages from coast to coast to coast to cleaning and catering businesses. He writes regularly for R&R. He can be reached at 877-735-0800 or visit their website at

Paul Gross, President, Code Blue: “We are focused on the accuracy and consistency of the claims process and customer experience. The cost and efficiency benefits of networks for insurance companies and their policyholders are obvious. What is not so obvious is the advantage that a network offers to an insurance company looking to expand into new territories. Entrepreneurs need to focus on creating value for their customer, not creating value for the entrepreneur. Networks create value for the insurance company`s customer, (and) for this reason, entrepreneurs should adopt networks as if the network were the customer. “Our contractors offer world-class quality and support their work with a five-year treatment warranty on all completed repairs**. Market-leading insurance companies trust Contractor Connection to provide consistently high-quality service when property damage occurs to restore and improve the lives of policyholders. We process around 500,000 orders per year and continuously strive to achieve service excellence in every order, regardless of volume. We work tirelessly to deploy innovative, digitized and managed repair processes to ensure we provide exceptional customer service to everyone we serve. If you haven`t factored recovery networks into your marketing plans, it`s time to wake up. Companies such as Alacrity, Code Blue, Crawford Contractor Connection and IMACC are operating networks of restaurant companies that will revolutionize the way insurance companies interact with their agents, customers and catering companies.

Contractor Connection has more than 6,000 general and specialty contractors and is the industry-leading network of restaurant companies in North America. Given where marketing dollars are spent by restaurant companies today, it seems like not everyone knows the forces that are driving changes in the interface between insurance agents and claims. Companies that understand the driving forces of change are likely to emerge winners. Getting a cheque from your insurance company is fine, but what do you do with it? Contractor Connection can put you in touch with experts in water damage restoration, coating repair, mold removal, etc. Crawford Contractor Connection is available to customers in the United States, Canada, the United Kingdom, Australia and Germany and only works with industry-leading general and specialty companies. Our network contractors provide emergency response, general contractor restoration and special contractor services for commercial and personal property. If you encounter problems with the insurance certificate for the network, it could be a warning that you are not insured for the things for which you need to be insured. .

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