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What Is the At&t Consumer Service Agreement

Posted by on April 16, 2022

Static IP addresses are not used or are available as part of the fixed wireless Internet service. Services such as web hosting or hosted services such as camera, game server, etc., which require a static IP address, are not supported by the fixed wireless Internet. For more information about service restrictions, see Section 7.14.8. Third Party Fees. You may make donations and purchase goods, content, applications and services (including subscriptions) from certain other companies (“Third Party Fees”) or from us by charging such fees to your mobile account. You are responsible for any authorized third party charges that appear in a separate section of your invoice. You can prevent third-party purchases by adding a purchase blocker to your account through your myAT&T app or by calling customer service at 800.331.0500. Also, use by others may be limited by using parental controls or similar features, visit to learn more. If and/or if you are selected to upgrade to more up-to-date Internet technology, we will check whether the transition can take place without significant interruptions during normal business hours. If we determine that interruptions are likely or unavoidable, we will notify you of the interruption or suspension of your service at least thirty days in advance by email, direct mail, invoice page message or invoice insertion. Thirty days after such notice, we may, in our sole discretion, suspend your current Service or temporarily suspend your Service for a maximum period of fifteen days. Failure to adequately facilitate the transition, including refusal to make an appointment for our technicians to perform necessary updates to AT&T equipment and/or network facilities at your site, may result in termination of your service.

Arbitration is more informal than a trial in court. Arbitration uses a neutral arbitrator instead of a judge or jury, allows for more limited discovery than in court, and is subject to very limited review by the courts. Any arbitration under this Agreement shall be conducted on an individual basis; Class arbitration and class actions are not permitted. For all non-frivolous claims that do not exceed $75,000, AT&T is responsible for all arbitration costs. In addition, in connection with the arbitration, you have the right to recover AT&T`s ATTORNEYS` fees at least to the extent that you are in court. In addition, in certain circumstances (as explained below), AT&T will pay you more than the amount of the arbitrator`s award and will pay your attorney (if any) double their reasonable attorney`s fees if the arbitrator awards you an amount greater than the value of what AT&T offered you to resolve the dispute. You may not use Wireless Fixed Internet service at an address other than your service address or move AT&T devices to another address while remaining an AT&T Fixed Wireless customer. If you move to a new residence where Fixed Wireless Internet Service is available and you wish to continue using the Service, you may request that AT&T install the Service and AT&T Equipment in your new residence and change your Service address to your new residence, although we may require a contract renewal for such installation and modification. If fixed wireless Internet service is not available in your new home or if for any reason we are unable to install it in such a residence and you also have a temporary plan, you will be charged for all applicable ETFs. If you change your service location but do not call us at 800.288.2020 to notify us in advance, your service will not be cancelled and your service fee will continue to apply. As explained in Subsection 2.4, AT&T may take all reasonable steps necessary to limit prohibited use of the network or other violations of the AT&T Terms of Service until terminated. You understand that the device has a backup broadband service feature (including VoIP, DSL, cable modem or other high-speed transmission options) for alarm signals.

You agree to maintain broadband service on the premises for the duration of this Agreement. If you don`t maintain on-site broadband service, you won`t have a backup path for red flags and your red flags will only be transmitted over the AT&T network. Each broadband service is maintained, provided and maintained exclusively by the respective broadband service provider, which may include an AT&T subsidiary. We cannot guarantee that a high-speed backup service will be continuous or error-free. The Broadband Service may be affected by faulty or faulty equipment, weather conditions, power outages, upgrades or maintenance, or other interruptions to the Service, and such terms or modifications to such transmission systems may interfere with the Backup Broadband Service. There is no cellular network speed reduction when using Wi-Fi, and Wi-Fi data usage does not count towards a monthly data usage threshold for wireless data service. For more information, see and The usage and monthly fees will be charged as specified in your plan`s terms of use. Your customer service summary also includes an estimate of your total monthly bill. You may receive benefits because you have agreed to have the fees for your Services charged by an AT&T affiliate (“Joint Billing”) or because you subscribe to certain Services provided by an Affiliate. If you cancel joint billing or affiliate service, your rates will be adjusted without notice to a plan for which you are eligible. “Arbitration hurts consumers,” Imre Szalai, a professor of social justice at Loyola University in New Orleans, told me.

AT&T offers more products and services than ever before. To enable our customers to better understand the different terms and conditions, contracts and agreements for these products and services, we have updated many of them and combined them into one optimized agreement – the AT&T Consumer Services Agreement. AT&T repairs or replaces damaged AT&T equipment that AT&T deems necessary, and may charge you a fee for repairing or replacing the equipment. You understand that repairing or replacing devices may delete stored content, reset personal settings, or otherwise change the functionality of those devices. You are responsible for paying the service fee for visits by AT&T or its subcontractors to your premises if a service request is due to causes not attributable to AT&T or its subcontractors, including, but not limited to, if you are unwilling to perform the troubleshooting steps requested by AT&T. If you own the equipment, or if the equipment is damaged as a result of your wilful acts or negligence as determined by AT&T, you are responsible for the price of the repair or replacement. Your caller identification information (“Caller ID”) (e.B. Your name and phone number) may be displayed on the device or bill of the person receiving your call. Technical limitations may prevent you from blocking the transmission of caller credentials in certain circumstances. Contact customer service to find out how to block the display of your name and number. Caller ID blocking may not be available when using Data Services. Where applicable to your pricing plan and device, an incoming call identification feature may be applied to inform incoming calls and may apply generic labels such as telemarketing, suspected spam, and/or suspected fraud to some of these calls.

Notices from AT&T or its current or future affiliates, agents, assigns or successors or third-party collection agencies may include emergency alerts, payment notices or outstanding balances, as well as information about promotions related to an AT&T service or our third-party partners with respect to their products or services. . . .

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